The Flat Head The Flat Head 7012W

The Flat Head 7012W – Update 1

The Flat Head 7012W wabash shirt evo

Time for update 1: The Flat Head 7012W wabash really is my favorite shirt, hands down.  Only “problem” is I often wear a denim jacket during the hotter months ending up with a triple denim suit if I want to wear the wabash shirt, haha.

Oh well. All indigo everything isn’t so bad. Maybe even something to strive for? Kidding.

The wabash shirt still sees quite a bit of wear. Especially now that its gotten colder and I wear my A-2 jacket instead of the top indigo layer.

Not much to show for now

Sadly, I don’t have too much to share for now. The Flat Head has made a stubborn bastard of a shirt. And honestly, how much fun would it be to have a look at basically the same shirt as in the previous post?

Bear with me though, we’ll get there soon enough. For now I will just enjoy this great shirt that keeps its indigo in an amazing kind of way.

These (few) pics are from earlier this summer, expect a full set of new evo pics to come early next year after another wash or two.

Talk to you soon again!

the flathead wabash cuff

the flathead wabash roping

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