The Flat Head The Flat Head 7012W

The Flat Head 7012W

The Flat Head 7012W wabash – best shirt there is?

I still remember when I first laid eye on the Flat Head 7012W wabash. I bought my Steel Feather Jeans from Rivet & Hide and was very pleased with how I was treated by Danny and came to check their website on a regular basis.

Later on they got The Flat Head to join their roster and this particular shirt blew my mind. I really enjoy the look of the wabash discharged print but could never convince myself that I could spend that kind of money on a shirt.

I told myself I would get it one day and when I found one, practically new, second hand I jumped at it. It was too good of an opportunity to pass on.

The Flat Head and their fabrics

I would say The Flat Head is equally famous for their Pioneer denim and their flannel shirts. The thing they have in common? The greatness of the fabrics.

The 12 oz selvedge fabric used for the wabash shirt is no different, only it isn’t playing the main part thanks to the awsome discharge printing. I think it will provide a fantastic vertical falling, much like the Pioneer denim that have made so many denim heads fall in love with the brand.

Flat Head wabash collar

Flat Head wabash pockets

Flat Head wabash fabric

Flat Head wabash holes

Flat Head wabash gusset

Flat Head wabash button

Flat Head wabash stitching

Flat Head wabash selvedge

Flat Head wabash roping

Flat Head wabash fabric 2

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