TCB TCB 50's

TCB 50’s – update 3

More washes for my TCB jeans

So far, the TCB’s have been pretty stubborn letting up their indigo just like I heard beforehand. However, now that I’ve washed it three or four times I’m starting to see a little evolution just like I mentioned on Instagram a couple of days ago. Another wash or two and I think things will really take off.

TCB 50 front TCB 50 back TCB 50 topblock TCB 50 topblock back TCB 50 coinpocket

TCB 50 right backpocket

TCB 50 left backpocket

TCB 50 patch

By Alex

I'm a Swedish denimhead working in marketing. In 2011 I got devoured by the denim scene after working for Levi's. You will also find me posting about denim on Superfuture under the handle Bobbo.

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