Denime Denime 10th anniversary 1937

Denime 10th anniversary 1937

Say hi to my newest familymember: Denime 10th anniversary jeans

I don’t think I would fool anyone if I said I stopped browsing old Denimes when I got my 506 jacket from the Orizzonti-era. A model that popped up every now and then on auctions was Denime 1937 model to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It caught my eye mainly for two reasons:

  1. So far I hadn’t tried on a pre-WWII cut
  2. I didn’t have a pair with cinchback or crotchrivet.

Diversity is always a good thing and to top it off I’m pretty sure the model uses the famous XX-denim that I’ve talked about in a previous post.

A couple of months ago a fellow denimhead tipped me off about a shop that still had the ’37s left in a size that should work out for me. At the time I didn’t go for it, old Denime is quite pricy after all and this pair had been shelved since 1998, raw and still sealed in their plastic bag. Well, about two weeks ago I caved in and made the purchase.

Denimes infamous construction

As expected the Denime 10th anniversary 1937 jeans have flaws. Old Denime products is after all infamous for having a bit crappy stitching compared to the rest of Osaka5. Some stitches are crooked and the chainstitch at the hems is probably the worst I’ve seen so far (but a double cuff will of course settle the matter). Old Denime is clearly not for you if you put much value in the construction.

But I don’t consider it much of an issue. I knew it before hand and most of it isn’t visible anyway. I bought them for the kickass denim and it’s historical value. As long as I can make the waist work after I’ve washed them I will definitely enjoy these big time!

Denime 10th anniversary folded Denime 10th anniversary frontDenime 10th anniversary topblock

Denime 10th anniversary topblock-back

Denime 10th anniversary hardware

Denime 10th anniversary backpocket

Denime 10th anniversary patch

Denime 10th anniversary chainstitch Denime 10th anniversary fitpic

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