Denime Denime 66

Denime 66

Denime 66 shrunk and ready to go

If you’re following my Instagram feed you will already be aquainted with my Denime 66s. Though I’ve had them for over a year I didn’t touch them until I got my hands on my anniversary model from Denime a few weeks back. It felt like the right time to give them their initial wash and be able to compare fit and denim differences so I pulled them out from my shelf.

An interesting note is that my pair is from the latest owners, i.e. The Real McCoys, and the construction have definitely taken a step in the right direction compared to my ’37s and type I jacket that is from the Orrizonti-era. I was actually a little surprised by that, especially considering my ’37s is their 10 year anniversary model that in my eyes should show their proudest work and prowess. Yet these Denime 66 at 15 000 yen beats them in that remark.  Of course there’s more to a pair of jeans than the construction but I find it interesting that the cheapest model can compete on that level.

What’s different with the ’66s?

For those who have yet to dwell in Levi’s history there are a few new things that changed on the ’66 model, not just the more tapered silhouette. Most noticeable is without a doubt the paper patch. So far I’ve prefered leather patches but a little bit of googling will show you awsome evolution on paper patches too. It will be fun to see how it deters and they last hell of a lot longer than one might think.

Then there are a couple of smaller details that’s only visible to the wearer: the hidden rivets are gone, no coinpocket selvedge nor a V-stitch at the top button. Not really a dealbreaker right? I think it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something simple yet different; especially now that we can find selvedge all over the place, be it the fly, waistband, coinpocket or cinchbacks.

So into the washer they went, twice, and here’s how they look now (I might add that the fit picture is after the first wash):

Denime 66 fit pic post wash

Denime 66 front

Denime 66 back

Denime 66 topblock

Denime 66 topblock back

Denime 66 hardware

Denime 66 no hidden rivets

Denime 66 coinpocket

Denime 66 selvedge

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I'm a Swedish denimhead working in marketing. In 2011 I got devoured by the denim scene after working for Levi's. You will also find me posting about denim on Superfuture under the handle Bobbo.

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