Warehouse Warehouse 1221

Warehouse 1221 US Army denim pants

I rarely buy new jeans these days but when I saw the Warehouse 1221 denim pants I couldn’t pass on them. Since my stance on shorts is that they’re pretty much only for kids, the postman or a visit to the beach I get kind of excited when I find a good pair of summer jeans. I’ve been raving for a few years about TCBs Seamen’s trousers that I enjoy so much. Warehouse 1221 is an excellent successor.

The fit is a loose, high waisted one. All about functionality and the many purposes it had to serve. It works just as well for a modern day home office worker, dabbing in the blogosphere and walking the dog. Comfort is key.

Warehouse 1221 front
Warehouse 1221 back

Warehouse 1221 specs

The jeans is made of a lovely light 10 oz “slub-yarn” sanforized denim that is perfect for the Swedish summer. It’s kind of interesting that the fabric is marketed as a slubby denim. It doesn’t look slubby, nor does it feel like it. I’m looking forward to seeing how it shapes up after a few washes when the yarn pops a bit more. I haven’t been able to find out much more about this fabric except that it’s has a yarn count of 8×10. Shoot me a message if you know more about it!

The hardware is very neat, both the US Army buttons and the cinch. True to the original army pants used in the late 1930’s (that this is a reproduction of) there’s no rivets, instead using bar tack stitching.

Warehouse 1221 button
Warehouse 1221 cinchback
Warehouse 1221 backpockets

Let’s talk about pocket shapes

One thing I find intriguing is the front pockets. For one thing that they’re sewn on the outside of the legs but mostly that they’re kind of difficult to use thanks to the shape of the pocket openings.

Warehouse 1221 pocket

Most jeans have curved pocket openings to make them easy to access. Then you have the straight but diagonal pocket openings like on TCBs seamean’s trousers. The Warehouse 1221 is also using straight, diagonal openings, but these are almost horisontal, which for me works kinda bad together with the high waisted fit. Still love the jeans, but they’re not the perfect pair.

Warehouse Warehouse 800 C/L

Warehouse 800CL

My Warehouse 800CL has been with me for quite some time now. Think I got them in Osaka back in 2016? Not that many updates of them on the blog so far, just a one year update from 2 years ago. Yet again it will be a rather short update.

2 more years of 800CL

So, what’s happened the last two years? Mostly they have seen wear during the summer, working out great thanks to the cotton/linen mix and lighter fabric. The cut that felt a little tight two years ago have felt better since I lost weight. The 800 is when all comes down to it not meant to be a slim cut.

Now that the jeans have seen some proper wear for a longer time the texture have started to change, smoothing out the rough patches that I liked so much when I got them. It still looks and feels like nothing else I’ve tried from Warehouse, an excellent fabric I hope they use again at some point. You can see the kinda neppy texture that is still there, to some extent, on the pictures.

Warehouse 800CL front
Warehouse 800CL back
Warehouse 800CL fades

What jeans to wear this summer

The thing I’m mulling over now is wether to leave them on the shelf for this summer or not. The other day I got a pair of Warehouse 1221, their US army denim pants, that will be even better during the warm summer days. And then there’s the TCB Seamens trousers that I like so much. Stiff competition for sure. We’ll see what happens with the Warehouse 800CL, still a great pair of jeans and much life left in them.