Denime Denime 506

Denime 506

Type I jacket from Denimes Orizzonti era

Here it is then, my Denime 506-jacket in the famous XX-denim. I’ve always been most in love with the type II model.

But hell, the type I is bloody awsome too, which makes for a good reason if you want to buy a second denim jacket.

It’s a little roomier – even boxier than it’s successors, the chest pocket is bigger than my pockets on the Sugar Cane 1953 and the buttons on the cuffs is placed on the “inside” rather than the outside that we use today (and the type II also have) which felt a little weird at first. It didn’t long to get used to.

Best part though? Obviously the fabric. Not gonna dwell too long on the famous XX-denim that Hayashi-san made. You can read some more about it here later on.

A nice little historically correct detail is the light fabric used on the underside of the pocketflap. (Bonus with the two tone-stitching!). Always enjoy the details pretty much only the wearer will notice.

Second hand shopping

I got it second hand for a bargain. Couldn’t believe my luck. Basically 1/3 of what it retailed for when Denime released the 506 way back.

And since then the prices have gone up quite a bit on stuff from the Orizzonti and Shins eras since it’s no longer made. Just have a look at Naoki’s store Pants Shop Avenue.

I knew there was some scuffs on the collar but figured it was worth the price. To my surprise the scuffs were damn small. Other than that, there’s hardly any wear showing, just a bit on the cuffs and such. It’s in great condition.

Worth noting is that I bought a size 42 while I wear a size 40 in my Sugar Cane type II and they fit pretty similar. I’ll try to sort out a fitpic as soon as possible for comparison.

Denime 506 red tab

Denime 506 orizzonti tag

Denime 506 cuff

Denime 506 selvedge

Denime 506 buttons

Denime 506 cinchback

Denime 506 rivet

Denime 506 scuffs

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