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Denimbridge 2nd

Product of a japanese denim fiend

This summer I bought a pair of Denimbridge 2nd jeans from a friend. It’s a small brand and not very surprising if you haven’t heard of it. But rest assured, we’ll fix that now.

But if you like me tend to browse Japanese denim blogs every now and then, you might be familiar with Denimba. Denimbridge is the love child of Shingo-san, the man behind Denimba.

He’s definitely one of us fellow denim geeks. One look on the jeans and you can tell. There’s some seriously nerdy details that have gone into his first 3 runs of jeans.

I didn’t shoot that many pictures of the jeans when they arrived, but I recently started wearing them so expect more pics to come during spring when I have something to show. (Edit: which I do now, have a look)

Until then there’s plenty of detail pics and explanation of the production choices on the website. And most of all, there is a new run of the Denimbridge 2nd cut coming out this spring. Go grab a pair! You won’t regret it.

Tons of details

The denim itself is extremely comfortable and soft, packing a bit of weight. I’m a big fan of the hardware used – especially the Union Made-top button.

For the lover of denim details there’s more to enjoy:

  • The leather patch isn’t too thick and os modestly embossed.
  • Two tone stitching
  • A neat white tab which only will get better with age
  • A thin pink selvedge-ID

And that is only a few of the good points. Can’t spoil all the fun for you, can I?

Denimbridge fitpic

Denimbridge fitpic

Denimbridge fitpic

Denimbridge lot2

Denimbridge backpockets

Denimbridge selvedge

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