TCB 20’s contest jeans – update 3

Final update for the TCB 20’s contest. It’s been a blast and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that they turned out very, very well. As did so many other pairs. Check out the final submissions thread if you’re looking for more reasons to get a pair of TCB 20’s!

TCB 20's topblock front

Like I have mentioned before, the fabric Inoue-san used for these jeans and the TCB 30’s jacket is so swell. The light weight of it makes it very comfy, but not too light to wear during the winter here in Sweden (at least as an office warrior). But that’s only one of the many good points:

  • The vertical falling is well balanced
  • The indigo holds on well
  • Lots of marbling, even with pretty irregular washing
  • The different fabric used for the beltloops gives a neat contrast
  • The wide white selvedge-ID is probably my favorite one
TCB 20s front
TCB 20s back

End of the contest

So, after 18 months the contest is officially over. Compared to earlier contests I’ve participated in, I’ve probably worn these the hardest. If I had to guess, I’d say these have about 15 months of actual wear in them.

I’ve got no clue anymore about the number of washes. They were a little sparse at the beginning. Waiting about five months for the first one.

But at the end it was a lot more frequent. More like every 2-3 weeks. Don’t be afraid to wash your jeans. They will turn out great any way.

TCB 20's coinpocket
TCB 20's top button

TCB 20’s – signs of wear and tear

At the end of the contest the jeans have to no surprise started to show more wear and tear all over the place. Not as much as I thought, but I suppose that’s not a bad thing. Now I can wear them for a long time still!

tcb 20's topblock back
tcb 20s cinchback
The cinch keeping it in place
Leather patch
Back yoke tearing up

I’ll leave you with TCB’s famous roping and the thick selvedge-ID I love so much.

TCB jeans famous roping
tcb 20s selvedge

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