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TCB 20’s contest jeans – update 1

A year has gone of the TCB 20’s contest after the reboot.

A year has gone of the TCB 20’s contest after the reboot. And boy are we seeing some great looking jeans. Check out the contest thread if you haven’t. I really really like the 50’s denim Inoue-san and his crew makes but man, I think he surpassed himself when he made the fabric which he uses on the TCB 20’s contest jeans and his type I-jacket. Loads of character, a nice more lightweight denim that suits a reproduction of Levi’s from the 20’s.

Since I was neglecting the blog for so long, there’s been a ton of little updates on the progress of my TCB 20’s contest jeans. Not gonna post them all, but you can find them over on my Instagram. I’ll just leave you with the latest update for now with something like a year of wear and 4-5 washes.

Best part of the TCB 20’s contest jeans?

A year of wear now. And I love them. But what is the best parts?

The fabric plays a really big part of course. I mentioned it at the start of the post but this hits the nail for me. Lots of marbling, vertical falling that is not too pushy and so so soft. It has character but doesn’t brag about it. Class act.

The iron buttons are also starting to shine more and more. Or less, might be more accurate. They are beginning to rust, adding another layer of patina to the jeans.

I’m also a big fan of the desintigrating arcurate stitches. The joy of Inoue-sans cats ear-stitches works best when they’re coming apart.

Update: Head over here to see how the TCB 20’s ended up after 18 months of wear. 

Not much left of the cat ear arcurates

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