Warehouse Warehouse 1001

Warehouse 1001 – update 2

Warehouse 1001’s hits the water

Update 2: Recently I decided that I’m gonna wash my Warehouse 1001 jeans more frequently than what I’ve done so far with my other pairs.

The upcoming TCB contest have pushed me further into the land of vintage fades; and what better jean to go for vintage fades with than a pair from possibly the best repro brand around?

The 1001’s were one washed when I bought them so this was their second wash, two months in. From now on they’ll get a wash about every 4 weeks or so.

A well trained eye isn’t really necessary to noticed that I messed up the wash. On the pic showing the slowly emerging traintracks you can see the line you get from forgetting to turn your jeans inside out when you wash. Don’t throw your jeans in the washer when you’re tired, haha. It will turn out okay though, makes them (and my S0500XX that I also fucked up) a little more special.

There’s not too much to show as of yet, but I have no doubt they will become bloody awsome.

Warehouse 1001 front


Warehouse 1001 back
Warehouse 1001 patch

Warehouse 1001 top-block

Warehouse 1001 wash-fail

Warehouse 1001 backpocket

Warehouse 1001 puckering

Warehouse 1001 roping

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