The Flat Head The Flat Head 3005XX

The Flat Head 3005xx

The Flat Head 3005xx – vertical falling at its best

For a long, long time I’ve read and seen pictures of the fantastic 14,5 oz Pioneer denim Kobayashi-san and his The Flat Head adepts developed. For an equal long time I’ve lusted after handling a pair myself. I couldn’t resist pulling the trigger when I found a cheap pair of The Flat Head 3005xx in my size on Ebay.

The Flat Head 3005xx is a classic regular straight cut. It is pretty much the only cut I ever wear these days.

This pair is of one of the older Japanese lots. It has the Japanese arcs, red tab, a different patch and the xx is still part of the model name on the patch.

The jeans have been hemmed, worn and washed but there’s plenty of life left in them. The typical vertical falling of the pioneer denim is only starting to pop.

I can definitely say that the Pioneer denim is beautiful with its vertical falling texture. But that is so far from the only great thing about this pair. Kobayashi-san is a fanatic when it comes to his products.

Their catch phrase “We’re particular about our clothing” fits them extremely well.

It took three years of trial and error, with a year long worth of test wearing, before Kobayashi-san was pleased with the Pioneer denim. Six bloody years. All about yarn twisting techniques. Of course he’s just as particular about the hardware, cut, leather patch and stitching.Who doesn’t love such commitment? I definitely do.

The Flat Head 3005 front

The Flat Head 3005 back

The Flat Head 3005 topblock

The Flat Head 3005 hardware

The Flat Head 3005 coinpocket

The Flat Head 3005 denim

The Flat Head 3005 patch

The Flat Head 3005 backpockets

The Flat Head 3005 hem

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