Sugar Cane Sugar Cane SC11953

Sugar Cane SC11953 – update 1

Update: 7 months and 1 wash

A minor accident with paint forced my first proper wash since I started wearing my type II. I threw it in the washer a few weeks back, probably around the six months mark – nothing fancy, just inside out, 40 degrees, low spin and a little detergent. After that I’ve probably worn it for another month or two.

Sugar Cane SC11953Sugar Cane SC11953


By Alex

I'm a Swedish denimhead working in marketing. In 2011 I got devoured by the denim scene after working for Levi's. You will also find me posting about denim on Superfuture under the handle Bobbo.

2 replies on “Sugar Cane SC11953 – update 1”

Looking great! Been trying to wear mine as much as possible starting this fall, even in the apartment after work. Not much change but with creases coming in, at least it doesn’t look like it came off the factory conveyor belt now.

Nice to hear Kyle! Denim jackets are stubborn but the reward is great. Looking forward to seeing your evo.

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