Studio D’Artisan Studio D’Artisan SD-101

Studio D’Artisan SD-101 Update 2

Studio D’Artisan SD-101 First wash

A few weeks ago I gave my Studio D’Artisan jeans their first wash. I think it was around the five months wear mark. They havn’t really  gotten any wear since spring, just a few days every now and then when I see an awsome faded sample and can’t help myself but to put them on. They were a bit smelly though and headed for the washer.

Embrace the stubborn indigo

I was raving a bit about Studio D’Artisans stubborn indigo earlier today on Instagram. It really is suprising to me that SDA doesn’t get more attention. With their deep and stubborn indigo you can achieve so many different kinds of fades whether you want mad deep contrast or vintage looking jeans. And they have both great straight and slim cuts.

Anyway, if you compare my post wash color to the one prior in this post you’ll see I barely lost any colour what so ever. I might actually hold out with my washes on this pair. We’ll see, first I’m gonna put more wear in my TCB’s and Warehouse 1001’s.

SD-101 front SD-101 back SD-101 topblock SD-101 topblock back SD-101 backpocket SD-101 patch

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