Conners Sewing Factory – the Miura-46

Video: Interview about the Miura-46

Video: Interview about the Miura-46

I think it was about a year ago that I first heard about the guys at Conners Sewing Factory and their Miura 46-model, also known as S409XXX. Back then I only knew that Miura-san was a denim collector and that the guys at Conner Sewing Factory had made a great replica of a pair of ’46 Levi’s from his collection; now I know Miura-san have over 3000 vintage Levi’s pieces from the 1920-1940’s in his collection and we have lots of good stuff to look forward to.

A year later I stumbled on this great thread on Denimbro and Double O Souls acquisition of not only the jeans but also the jacket they made later on. It provided a great deal of knowledge, but there’s also lots of fun stuff on Conners Sewing Factory’s Youtube account, like this one. I definitely urge you to watch the video, read the few pages of the thread and check out the linked Instagram account below if you’re into the repro game.

Wanna know more about Conners Sewing Factory?

Konaka-san have a Instagram account for the curious and geeky ones like myself.

Or you can check out my S409XXX jeans.

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