TCB TCB 30's jacket

TCB 30’s jacket – update 1

Another wash for my TCB 30’s jacket means it is time for update 1. The contrasts have settled nicely since I got it, much thanks to the tighter sleeves compared to my other jackets.

tcb 30's jacket front
tcb 30's jacket back

I don’t want it to get out of hand, so from now on it will be treated with more frequent washing. Since the jacket uses the same fabric as my TCB 20’s, I already know that it keeps its indigo quite well. Washing won’t be an issue. It will even thrive from it, showcasing that wonderful marbling texture.

TCB 30's whiskers

Marbling fabric

What made TCB 20’s one of my favorite jeans I’ve come across so far is the fabulous fabric. The marbling you get from frequent washing is a real treat for the eye. Now it is starting to show on the jacket as well. With time it might even challenge the XX-fabric on my Denime 506.

tcb 30's patches
tcb 30's jacket pocket

Patch and button evolution

If I’m not mistaken, I’ve washed the TCB 30’s jacket three times now. The iron buttons have barely begun to rust. But the leather patch is almost a goner. Still somewhat supple but the print is nowhere to be found. Just like it should be!

tcb 30's jacket leather patch
tcb 30's jacket cinch
tcb 30's jacket sleeve

Well, that’s the end for update 1 on my TCB 30’s jacket. More updates to come next spring.

If you are looking for a classic style denim jacket, but want a little longer body length and tighter sleeves I couldn’t recommend this enough. Go fetch yourself one straight from the guys at TCB Jeans. It’s much easier now that they’ve hired an English speaking employee.

TCB TCB 30's jacket

TCB 30’s jacket

There’s nothing that beats Levi’s classic 506XX in my book and TCB Jeans interpretation don’t mess around. I’ve had my TCB 30’s jacket for a little over a year now since getting it from Göteborg Manufaktur. Now it’s really starting to take off.

TCB 30's jacket front
TCB 30's jacket back

For the 506XX repro Inoue-san used the same denim as for the TCB 20’s, the interpretation of 501’s from the 1920’s. A fabulous 12,5 oz fabric made of Memphis cotton. The lighter weight fabric makes it my top choice of summer jacket since my other denim jackets are slightly heavier.

Curious of how the fabric fades? Check out the latest update of my TCB 20’s. Since it’s using the same fabric you will get a hint. I got the jacket and jeans around the same time, but have washed the jeans countless times by now while the jacket has been washed four times during the past year of wear.

Update: Or even better, check out how the TCB 30’s jacket looks now after some more wear and washes.

The fit

Like TCB Jeans’ other jackets the 30’s jacket has a longer body than the original and slimmed sleeves. Perhaps not to everyones liking but I think it makes the jacket a great addition to a collection of denim jackets, giving me a more modern fit to turn to when I want it.

Fit picture of TCB 30's jacket

Details of TCB 30’s jacket

The jacket has some nice little details. From size 40 and up they use the T-back construction. If I’m not mistaken this construction was traditionally used on larger sizes because it left less waste of fabric when it was cut. The TCB 30’s jacket also rocks nice iron buttons that will rust with age and add great patina to the garment. Of course you’ll also have a cinchback since it’s a repro of the 506XX.

Wondering who made the custom patches on my jacket? Check out s.y.norrman on Instagram, embroideries done by Olof that runs Göteborg Manufaktur.

TCB 30's jacket cinchback
Rusty iron buttons
TCB 30's jacket patch