All the small things

It’s not all about epic combs and whiskers

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post when I confessed my love for the patch on my SDA 101’s there are a lot of small things to enjoy when it comes to denim. One thing I never thought I’d appreciate on a pair of jeans is the beltloops. But then I got my pair of Steel Feathers. This picture should be about 6 months in:


Before I was used with plain beltloops like on my 23oz Lee’s. There’s not really any special to it. They fade, but it’s just plain and nothing more to it.

The Steel Feathers are different. Their beltloops have been raised by using a Union Special 7480. The effect is made by bunching the fabric together. It gives that little extra touch to the jeans. On a sidenote there are other ways to raise the beltloops. For instance Momotaro and Ande Whall used to put threads inside the beltloops to get the same effect without using the Union Special.

Union Special 7480

I’ve knicked this little picture from Anders’, the founder of Steel Feather Jeans, Instagram. It’s probably the very machine that’s responsible for raising my beltloops.

Since I got my Steel Feathers I’ve jumped further down the rabbit hole of the Japanese denim scene and encountered raised beltloops on other pairs as well. Here’s a pair of Samurai 710’s:Samurai 710 beltloops

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