A couple of fits

Comparing Studio D’Artisan SD-101, Warehouse 1001 and TCB 50

I know the blog have been poorly updated as of lately. Not much denim evolution to show right now but hopefully that will change soon enough. I have plans to sort out a page on the site where you will find fit pictures of my projects. The idea is to give you a hint of the difference in cuts at the same place without having to browse back and forth between the respective projects. But it is still in the making so I thought I’d give you a preview on what to expect with this post.

Down bellow you will see pictures of my Studio D’Aartisan SD-101 in size 32, Warehouse 1001 in size 31 and TCB 50’s in size 32.

Studio D’Artisan SD-101

Studio D'Aartisan 101 frontStudio D'Aartisan 101 back

Warehouse 1001

Warehouse 1001 frontWarehouse 1001 back

TCB 50

TCB 50TCB 50 back

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