Warehouse Warehouse 15th anniversary 1105

Warehouse 1105

Warehouse 1105 from their 15th anniversary

When you think about Warehouse and their jeans I’m pretty sure the 1001XX pop up in your head. Just like it does for me. But you shouldn’t underestimate the 1105.

Unlike the 1001XX which (to no major surprise) is a reproduction of ’50s 501XX, the 1105 is a 505 repro from the ’60s.

It’s a slimmer cut, shorthorn paper patch, no hidden rivets, no coinpocket selvedge and uses a zipper rather than a button fly like the 501 repros.

Edit: Scratch that, to be more precise it is a 551zxx repro, the first sanforized model Levi’s introduced back in 1962. Five years later they changed to models name to what we call it today – the 505.

Warehouse 15th anniversary denim

The best part of the jeans is unmistakably the denim: a 7×7 Memphis cotton twill. I’ve heard it so many times how fantastic the 1001XX denim Warehouse used for their 15th anniversary was. How it is the best denim they’ve seen/worn/tried and so on.

The Warehouse 1105 from their 15th anniversary uses this very denim.

I’m very happy that I get to experience it without lashing out lots of money for a pair of old 1001XX. The fabric has more of a grey tone than the current banner denim, the one used for the 1001. It feels a little more rough too.

(Are you curious of how Warehouse different fabrics age? They have this amazing blog where fanboys sent in their pictures of worn products. Definitely worth checking out! Just a wee tip.)

Warehouse 1105 15th front

Warehouse 1105 15th back

Warehouse 1105 15th topblock

Warehouse 1105 15th topblock back

Warehouse 1105 15th backpocket

Warehouse 1105 15th selvedge

Warehouse 1105 15th top button

Warehouse 1105 15th talon zipper

Warehouse 1105 15th rivet

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