Warehouse Warehouse 1001

Warehouse 1001

Introducing another mistress: my Warehouse 1001’s.

Last year Warehouse slimmed down their classic 1001XX, put away the XX on the patch and went with an embroidered red tab. One of the fun parts of the 1001 is that the denim is based on an old Levi’s denim banner from the 1930’s that they scrutinyzed to get right. Another part I really like is the rivets, stamped with K.K. of Warehouse’s founders the Shiotani twins – Kenichi and Kouji. For those interested in the cotton sourced for the denim, it is  a mix from Memphis, Texas and Arizona. 

So far it’s just been worn at home, comfy as it is. The plan is to use it during the summers along side the 1001XX in duck digger denim. We’ll see how that goes.

Warehouse 1001 front


Warehouse 1001 back


Warehouse 1001 rivet


Warehouse 1001 selvedge


Close-up of 1001 embroidered red tab

By Alex

I'm a Swedish denimhead working in marketing. In 2011 I got devoured by the denim scene after working for Levi's. You will also find me posting about denim on Superfuture under the handle Bobbo.

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