TCB TCB 50's

TCB 50’s

Finally I have my own pair of TCB jeans

I’ve been talking about it for a while now – me getting a pair of TCB jeans. Last week they arrived, and I could officially start breaking them in for the TCB contest on Superfuture. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures in it’s raw state except the two close-ups on my Instagram; I was far too eager and threw them in the washer straight away. The denim felt kinda flat at first but came alive after two washes. Now it’s full of short hairy fibres.

I was a little afraid that the waist might be too tight at first. I went with my normal size (32) that I wear in similar cuts and if I could go back I would probably have gone with a 33. But it stretched out nicely after a day of wear so it’s no biggie!

My favorite details are without a doubt the awsome patch one of the contestants designed. It has a nice quirky feel to it which I think represents Inoue-sans laidback and fun side in a great way. I also really like the two-tone chainstitched waistband, especially the run offs that usually are folded into the waistband. It’s one of those things made only for the wearer to enjoy since it won’t show. I like those kind of things in a pair of jeans.

TCB have made a great no frills pair of jeans, well constructed and denim that will age beautifully in a vintage way. If you like Warehouse, you’ll love TCB too.

TCB 50's frontTCB 50's back

TCB 50's backpocket

TCB 50's hardware + stitching

TCB 50's patch after two washes

TCB 50's selvedge

TCB 50's denim

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