Lee Lee 101z 23oz

Lee 101Z 23 oz

Six months of wear, one wash 

I’ve had this pair for quite some time. Got them sometime during the fall of 2012. It’s a modified version of one of Lee’s classic cuts – the 101Z. The new version however is – of course – one hell of a lot heavier but also kicks a full selvedge compared to the half selvedge the original version did. If I’m not mistaken (my classic 101Z’s one size bigger than these) the cut is also a little slimmer. The denim is sanforized, smooth and have a grey tone to it. It’s not really my cup of tea, hence I stopped wearing them after six months when I got my Steel Feathers. The part I like the most is the half lined backpockets.

However, I do have plans for them in the future. It should make for some fantastic updates. So stay tuned.

Lee 101Z front Lee 101Z back Lee 101Z topblock




Lee 101Z zipper
Lee 101Z halflined-backpocket

Lee 101Z beltloop

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