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Denime 506 – update 3

Time for update 3 of my Denime 506 jacket. It’s been a while since the last one.

denime 506 front
denime 506 back

Since the last update, the jacket has seen quite a lot of wear. Though my TCB 30’s jacket has seen most of my denim jacket love for the last year or so.

Anway, the XX-denim Hayashi-san made back in the Orizzonti days of Denime is really starting to shine. It’s almost in peak condition right now. I mean, look at that marbling texture. What’s not to love?

denime 506 fabric
denime 506 pocket
denime 506 collar

From now on it will only see moderate wear, I think. Both the TCB jacket and Warehouse one is calling on me. Plus, have you seen the triple pleat blouse TCB Jeans just released? I might just need to splash some cash for that natural indigo greatness (that will take forever to fade).

That’s it for update 3 of the Denime 506. Talk to you soon!

denime 506 sleeve
denime 506 cinch
denime cinchback