Warehouse 800 C/L

Warehouse cotton/linen mixed denim

When I was in Osaka this summer I paid a visit to the local Warehouse store. There I found a pair of Warehouse 800 cotton/linen jeans in my size, one of the pairs I was hoping to bring with me back home to Sweden. The cotton/linen mixed denim made an entry about a year ago during Warehouse 20th anniversary, then in their 1001 cut. I wasn’t completely convinced at first but after seeing pictures it grew on me and when I felt the denim myself it was a no-brainer. The 60 % cotton 40 % linen mix weighs in around 12 oz and has a fantastic coarse feel to it albeit being one-washed.

I also enjoy the clean backpockets, no frills whatsoever, which fits great together with the jeans overall aesthetics of understated greatness.

Warehouse 800 c/l front

Warehouse 800 c/l back

Warehouse 800 c/l topbutton

warehouse 800 c/l hardware

Warehouse 800 c/l coinpocket

Warehouse 800 c/l peakaboo selvedge

warehouse 800 c/l fabric

Warehouse 800 c/l patch

Warehouse 800 c/l backpocket

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