Warehouse 2001XX

20th anniversary Warehouse 2001XX fit pictures

Man I’ve been super busy as of lately. The posting will probably be a little more scarce on the blog for a while but be sure to check back every now and then, there are some neat updates coming up. But for now we’ll focus on my semi-recently acquired denim jacket:

20th anniversary 2001XX

About a month ago I bought this lovely take on Levi’s classic S506XX, the WWII jacket, that Warehouse made during their anniversary last year. It is using the banner denim we’ve seen for quite some time now since they changed the 1001 denim. But hell, denim jackets are fun and a bit more Warehouse fanboyism never hurts. I’ll sort out more detail pics later on, for now you’ll have to make due with a couple of fit pictures.

(On a sidenote, if you’re thinking about what pair of jeans I’m wearing it is the TCB 50′s)

Warehouse 2001xx front Warehouse 2001xx side Warehouse 2001xx back

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