Warehouse 1001XX

Back from a world tour

It really felt like a shame having this great pair of Warehouse just laying around. So about a year ago I decided to send them out on a world tour and visit friends from Superfuture. About a week ago they returned in a completely different shape, showing so much of why I hold Warehouse denim so dear. I don’t have any proper pics at the moment so you will have to make due with a couple of close-ups that I’ve already posted on Instagram. On the last picture you have a comparison with Ooe Yofukutens much much more even and smooth OAXX denim.

warehouse 1001xx folded

Warehouse 1001xx patch

Warehouse 1001xx red tab

Warehouse 1001xx coinpocket


Warehouse 1001xx and Ooe OA02

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I'm a Swedish denimhead working in marketing. In 2011 I got devoured by the denim scene after working for Levi's. You will also find me posting about denim on Superfuture under the handle Bobbo.