Warehouse 1001 – update 3

 4th wash in 3 months time

Update 3: The fabric is really starting to come alive on these Warehouse 1001 jeans.

Too bad my photographing skills isn’t better because that is what makes Warehouse so so good.

I was told when I got them that I’d never wear any other brands from now on and I’m slowly starting to realize what they meant.

Colorwise I think the pictures are quite acurate, maybe just a little more blue in real life.

Warehouse 1001 front

Warehouse 1001 back

Warehouse 1001 topblock

Warehouse 1001 coinpocket

Warehouse 1001 fabric

Warehouse 1001 roping

Warehouse 1001 roping

Warehouse 1001 backpocket

Warehouse 1001 backpocket

Warehouse 1001 patch

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