TCB 50′s

TCB 50′s out of the washer

I washed my TCB’s the other day. It’s actually been a while since the last wash and I really like how they look right now. I was aiming for proper vintage fades from the get-go and this is most definitely on route to what I was hoping for. The denim was damn stubborn for the first six, maybe even eight months but now the beautiful 50′s denim is showing off. It’s a damn good choice for anyone looking into a 50′s cut.

TCB 50 front

TCB 50 back

tcb 50 topblock

TCB 50 front pocket

tcb 50 coinpocket

tcb 50 patch

tcb 50 fabric 2

TCB 50 topblock back

TCB 50 broken stitches

tcb 50 beltloop

tcb 50 fabric

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