Eternal 888

Eternal 888 15th anniversary model

Back when I first joined the Superfuture community I was struck in awe by MaxPower’s pair of Eternal 888′s. The insane contrast the jeans produced, much thanks to the 30 dips during the dyeing process, really hit me. Later on I realized the 888 anniversary model uses the 14,5 oz denim and even same cut as their standard 811 model. Which led me to find lots and lots of fantastic fade samples. Before moving on to my actual pair in its raw state, here’s Max’s pair in all its glory

Eternal 888 front faded Eternal 888 back faded

The raw one

Eternal 888′s, still raw with halflined backpockets, indigo dyed patch, beautiful pocket fabrics, a blue tab (which I’ll probably move to the backpocket later on), red selvedge and an anniversary bandana.

Eternal 888 front

Eternal 888 back

Eternal 888 topblock

Eternal 888 topblock back

Eternal 888 coinpocket

Eternal 888 hardware

Eternal 888 made in japan

Eternal 888 note

Eternal 888 pocket fabric

Eternal 888 selvedge

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