Deer Hunter jeans

Hunt’s jeans made by Warehouse

It wasn’t that long ago I heard of Deer Hunter jeans. It actually came up while discussing grail pairs with a friend and I got intrigued. Beyond the not so very attractive arcs there’s a very neat pair of repro jeans. What made them even more interesting was the fact that Warehouse produced the jeans. So why is it named Deer Hunter then? Well, it’s the name of the store who used to sell them. The store brands of the Japanese denim scene is one of the aspects that I really enjoy.

I was happy when I got a link sent to me not long after my introduction with a pretty much unworn pair for a bargain price. They were a bit tight though and I’ve lent them to a friend since then. Just uploading these pictures makes me think maybe I should bring them back home…

Deer Hunter front

Deer Hunter topblock

Deer Hunter topblock back

Deer Hunter hardware

Deer Hunter patch

Deer Hunter red tab

Deer Hunter pocketbags

Deer Hunter rivet

Deer Hunter selvedge-ID 2

Deer Hunter selvedge-ID

Deer Hunter fitpic front

Deer Hunter fitpic side

Deer Hunter fitpic back

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